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Mukesh Patel

Managing Partner

Freeths Leicester

Robert M McGuinn


MDA Consulting Limited

Joseph Levy

Managing Director

Bradgate Estates


“We are here as part of Team Leicester, and what we are trying to do is drive investment into Leicester. Yesterday we had our Team Leicester dinner that went really well! We had Doctor Suzanne Imber speaking, we came out of it energized and we wear that Leicester badge

with pride.


“The opportunities that you

come across at MIPIM are potentially huge, you’re looking at deals that could be worth millions and opportunities that you would be able to access if you

weren’t here.”


“MIPIM is the biggest property expo in the world with all the biggest cities in Europe as well as the UK are here and it’s important that Leicester’s here and we are here to provide that platform to prove Leicester is just as good, if not better than, any region for investment.


“Today’s event is one that we use for Team Leicestershire, on the boat, part of the MIPIM sponsorship package, on behalf of the Midlands and Leicester. It’s probably one of the most important events in regard to marketing, it’s just second to none.”

“MIPIM is the best place in Europe, possibly the world, that I know of to make property deals happen. I would say to any business that wants to be part of team Leicester to go for it! That’s what we did, and we’ve made a massive increase in profit. 


“Just last year alone we’ve cemented relationships with companies we already knew, we shuck on an equity partnership and we sold a site. All from going to MIPIM. And if we weren’t part of team Leicester, we would have been outsiders trying to get in whereas Team Leicester is a team and you help each other, individual companies and you help the city.”

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